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Our Philosophy:


At Thee Lingerie Shoppe our philosophy is simple: we take pride in ensuring that you experience the pleasure of properly fitted bras, lingerie and swimwear.

For every kind of woman the right bras and swimwear exists to do her body justice, and we'll help you find it. It's pure aesthetic pleasure, it supports, and it improves your figure. With the right lingerie and swimwear you feel beautiful, a woman of the world, bursting with confidence.

So take time for yourself, visit Thee Lingerie Shoppe and let our friendly fitting consultants assist you by combining fashion with your figure and lifestyle to accentuate your strengths.



Three Generations:

Our lingerie store was started by Laurette Bell & her partner, Louise Trudelle, in downtown Regina, SK. These women were amongst the first female entrepreneurs to bring high-end French Lingerie to Canada.  In 2003, Laurette’s daughter, Linda Paul, took over the business and has since been successful at growing the business. Linda opened a larger location in 2013 that allowed a more convenient location, ample parking and a larger retail space. In 2016, Linda’s daughter, Brittany Paul, and third generation in the business, opened their second location at Glenmore Landing in Calgary, Alberta. 

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