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Immediately after surgery your doctor will recommend a soft bra without a wire. It is important not to simply pull the wires out of one of your old bras and wear that because you will be a completely new size, and it is critical at the initial stages to get support. Your breasts will be very tender and wearing a soft, but firm bra that holds your breasts firmly in place will ease your discomfort. When you come in for your fitting, do not be discouraged by the size your fitter brings out to you; after your surgery you will still have swelling for a few weeks.

Many customers want a comfortable option that is soft to the skin (Cotton preferably) and appropriate post surgery. Our most popular style post surgery is the Amoena Frances front closure bra. You can now buy this bra in our online store under "Basic Bras" if you cannot make it in before your surgery. 

Appointments are recommended for medical and/or prosthesis fittings.


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