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What should I bring to my fitting?

A top or blouse that is typical of your wardrobe.

Your own bras if you want us to check if they will work for you.

A friend for moral support and a second opinion, if you like.

The prescription from your surgeon or physician for a breast prosthesis. This will ensure that no sales taxes (PST or GST) are applied.

Be prepared to pay for your bras and breast form when you come. You must apply for reimbursement from your insurance provider after you have purchased the items.


What happens in my fitting?

You and your personal fitter will go into a private fitting room where you can discuss your situation and she will establish your needs. She will ascertain your bra size and bring in a selection of bras based on your requirements. Should you require a partial prosthesis, your fitter will work with a bra and show you the various sizes and shapes of partials that will bring balance to your body. You may also find that your fitter will introduce you to bras that completely disguise any size discrepancy.


What is a partial prosthesis?

Unlike a fully weighted prosthesis, a partial prosthesis is worn directly against the skin in a bra. It is made of a very soft silicone that curves to match your breast tissue and compensate for any unevenness. There are different shapes and sizes designed for women who have had their lumpectomy in any part of their breast and you will find they provide a seamless balance to your silhouette.

*Appointments are recommended for medical and/or prosthesis fittings.


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