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When can I start to wear a breast form?

This is a personal decision. Many women are ready for their fitting four to six weeks after surgery. This may vary from three weeks up until three months, depending on when your body heals and when you feel you are ready. Make an appointment when you feel comfortable. Your fitting will take approximately one hour.


What should I bring to my fitting?

  • A top or blouse that is typical of your wardrobe.

  • Your own bras if you want us to check if they will work for you.

  • A friend for moral support and a second opinion, if you like.

  • The prescription from your surgeon or physician for a breast prosthesis. This will ensure that no sales taxes (PST or GST) are applied.

  • Be prepared to pay for your bras and breast form when you come. You must apply for reimbursement from your insurance provider after you have purchased the items.


What happens in my fitting?

You and your personal fitter will go into a private fitting room where you can discuss your situation and she will establish your needs. She will ascertain your bra size and bring in a selection of bras based on your requirements. Your fitter will then show you a selection of breast forms which you will try in the bra; during this process your fitter will be finding the best prosthesis possible in size, shape and weight for your body.


Do I need a breast form even if I am small busted?

Yes. A breast form is important for all women, as the spine needs to be weighted on both sides. When you lose the weight on one side, the spine will curve to favour the heavier side. This often results in headaches and backaches as well as a sloped posture. How do I go about getting a breast form? You are able to purchase a breast form at anytime at our store. We carry a variety of shapes, weights and sizes, including partial breast forms. We recommend you make an appointment with us, unless you are simply purchasing a replacement for a prosthesis for which you have already been fit.


What kind of lingerie or bras can I look forward to after my surgery?

The selection of traditional mastectomy bras has increased dramatically over the past few years with the demand for smooth, comfortable t-shirt bras as well as prettier, lacy bras. Many of our customers never wore beautiful lingerie until after their surgery! Not all women need to wear traditional surgical bras. Our seamstress can adapt the bra to work with a pocket sewn in. In fact, many of the new prosthesis on the market are designed to be worn in bras without pockets. There are even attachable breast forms, which open up a whole new world in lingerie. Your bra fitting is the most important part of your post surgery fitting to ensure your prosthesis conforms properly to your body.


Can I use my prosthesis in a swimsuit?

If you are only toe-dipping around the pool, then yes, you can use your regular prosthesis in your suit. (You would require a suit that has a pocket to hold your form in place). If you are swimming regularly for exercise in chlorine or salt water, we highly recommend the special swim form that can be purchased from us. This form is specially designed to withstand more wear and tear, and it is a lighter weight silicone for active wear.


What kind of swimsuit can I wear?

Swimming is a great exercise and our fitters will help you find the suit and swim form that is perfect for your body. Swimwear designers have realized the importance of providing suits for women with mastectomies, and the selection has never been better. Should you not find a suit that you like that already has a pocket in it, our in house seamstress can adapt some suits to accommodate your swim form. Please note that we alter swimsuits purchased at our boutique, however, we do not alter swimsuits or bras that are purchased from other stores.


How do I care for my breast form?

There is a special breast wash that is recommended by the manufacturer that is designed to gently remove the body oils without damaging the surface of the breast form. Other cleansing liquids can often be too harsh and abrasive for the surface of the breast form. You should wash your breast form every night and keep it in a safe place. A box is provided at the time of purchase, but a padded makeup case or small travel pouch can also work.


What if my prosthesis breaks?

Your prosthesis is under a two-year warranty with the manufacturer. If there is a fault with the breast form and it splits during this time, the manufacturer will replace the form. They will not replace breast forms that have been damaged from improper care. We submit the warranty on your behalf, as a service to you.


What if I don't have any private insurance plan?

The Government of Saskatchewan does not reimburse or cover the cost of breast prosthesis or bras. It is ideal if you have personal coverage or group benefits at your work place; however, if these benefits are not available to you please discuss this with your fitter. We may be able to suggest how to apply for financial assistance through organizations such as Forever Friends of Hope or provide some other options for you. The Government of Alberta has a cost sharing program through the AADL. Please see the bullet below for more information.


Are you a claims processor for the NIHB Program under contract to First Nations and Inuit Health Branch of Health Canada?

Yes, we are registered providers for this program in order to supply breast prosthesis, bras and compression stockings to First Nations and Inuit customers.


What should I bring to my fitting?

Identification displaying your band number and family number.

A prescription from your doctor stating your condition and the product/s requested.

A top or blouse that is typical of your wardrobe.

A friend for moral support and a second opinion, if you like.

Be prepared to wait approximately 1 to 2 weeks for your products in order to receive approval from Health Canada. Once approved you can receive your item/s.


*Appointments are recommended for medical and/or prosthesis fittings.


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