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Community Involvement


Local Partnerships


From the fitting rooms of Thee Lingerie Shoppe to the walls beyond our boutique, our focus will always be Women. Some of our initiatives include:


Donating bras for young girls in Kenya, Africa through the Victory Children's Home organization in Kisumu.


Donating customers' clean, used bras and swimsuits annually to Women's shelters in our community through the Z99's Bras Along The Bridge campaign and Virgin Radio's Bras for a Cause.


Annually donating Thee Lingerie Shoppe's previous season's inventory to Dress For Success, Regina and Windfall Clothing in Toronto.


Participating in breast cancer fundraising Initiatives whenever possible.


Speaking at workshops and conferences whenever possible to speak to Women with different needs who are unaware of the services that we provide.


Supporting local activities in our community and partnering with other local businesses.







Chronic Pain Center

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